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>Well that wasn’t too bad !

>Despite my English inability to relax whilst having photos taken and needing to crack inane jokes to try and make the photographer relax (yup, totally the wrong way round there), I think that my bump photo session went rather well.

Not actually seen any of the pictures but the lady was lovely, took lots and lots of pictures (so statistically speaking we must stand a chance of there being the odd one where I look ok), and I even felt confident enough to lift up my top and show off the strangely mottled skin of my bump!
Incredibly when we came downstairs to say goodbye, Toddlergirl had one of those moments and came over to me and lifted up my shirt and stroked my tummy! Given she was playing to the camera I’m really hoping that one of those might come out. Only problem that leaves is the fact that I might not have mentioned to Mr Muddling that I was doing this…
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