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>Warning grumpy woman – stand well clear and be on your best behaviour

>I officially have The Grump. Not sure if this is an early warning version of The Arse which precedes having a baby or just that I’m a very grumpy old woman.

It really isn’t taking people a lot to get onto my Grump List and I am beginning to feel the need to start a book to make sure I collate and don’t confuse or forget why people have made it.
Mr Muddling is heading up the list – he’s horribly busy at work, preoccupied with work issues and has very little bandwidth for me. Not least because to his mind the latest goodish news about Baby2 means he think he’s off the hook and doesn’t have to worry about us for a bit. Only trouble is that I am not reacting well to the news that I potentially have another 6 weeks of this worry. Word of advice, if you’re not good at emotional support, please do NOT sit and stare at your crying wife as if she has just grown another head. A hug, a gentle pat on the arm, the provision of copious amounts of chocolate will all be better than this approach.
My internet bank is also a source of ire. I was under the impression that the Post Office sort of served as a branch for them but have so far this week not been able to pay in a cheque or cash a cheque (need money to pay decorator). Obviously it would be nice if someone from the bank had told my Post Office about the things they say on their website… Or mentioned to me that having an internet account is totally incompatible with not working in the City and therefore not being able to get to their only branch.
And then there are the daily irritations that are triggering a potential explosion – the dry cleaners who seem to be unable to offer any customer service at all, the check out staff who tried to scan my other shopping at the supermarket (trust me, if it says Boots on the package I probably didn’t buy it here…), the people who park up against my car so my bump and I can’t get in without a fight and a myriad of others.
And then the bathroom people turned up today to hopefully finish the snagging list. I asked what they were doing and they forgot to mention that they were looking at moving the sink (but since they cut everything out previously this will mean a bodge) – its my house, check with me before doing something different and changing things. Or I will get cross. Admittedly unreasonably cross but cross nonetheless.
So steer well clear, I’m grumpy. I’m even beginning to think that Michael Douglas had a point in Falling Down when he got his baseball bat out …
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6 comments to >Warning grumpy woman – stand well clear and be on your best behaviour

  • Rebel Mother

    >Sounds like you're having a crap time – not just the hormones.

    Do you only have 6 weeks to go?

    You're nearly at the end of it then.

    I hate those inconsiderate parkers – drives me up the wall too.

    How do THEY get out of their car?

    Hang in there, not long to go.


  • spudballoo

    >Oh no, it all sounds horribly stressy. Plus those last weeks or pregnancy are enough to send anyone around the bend, never mind given all the anxieties that you have.

    Apply chocolate and trashy mags xx

  • Domestic Goddesque

    >To be fair, I'd be grumpy with all that to deal with, never mind pregnancy hormones, never mind difficult pregnancy worries. I'll come sit with you in the Grunpy Corner. Just not to close 😉

  • A Modern Mother

    >Internet banks annoy me too, as do unsympathetic hubbies. And inefficient services, BT, British Gas, the list goes on…

  • Brit in Bosnia / Fraught Mummy

    >i'm always grumpy. At least you have good reason. I think mine might be genetic!

  • The wife of bold

    >Ahh at least you have a good excuse though, i'm constantly grumpy! Not long to go now though and then you'll have another excuse as to why your grumpy – a new baby, just make sure you get hubby to do the night feeds and that should teach him to sit and stare 🙂

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