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>Did you love your pregnant body ?

>A while back I decided to have some photos taken of my pregnant body – I’m not sure if this will be my last pregnancy and I realised there were almost no pictures of me pregnant during either of pregnancies. D-day is Thursday and I’m now wobbling about whether it is a good idea or not – yes I want to somehow commemorate how carrying these babies has changed my body but is this not just a great ego trip ?

Its also linked into the ambivalence I feel about my pregnant body. I feel unwieldy and unattractive. This isn’t helped by the fact that we’ve been told to be celibate in order not to trigger premature labour – yes, I haven’t had sex since we conceived this baby and that is a LONG time in anyone’s life. I wouldn’t have said that I’m a person who needs sex to bolster their self esteem but a side effect of this has been a reduction in intimacy between us and a feeling of there being an emotional chasm building up over time.
I also feel that my body is not doing the job of pregnancy very well. I’ve always been an achiever and now I have something that I’m not doing well – in fact I’m very close to getting a fail on my ability to carry Baby2. Yes, I have managed to hold on and keep her safe inside far longer than we ever thought but at the cost of having to do very little and at the cost of letting the house, the garden and my life run down into decay.
I envy those women who say they feel sexy and fulfilled by pregnancy – I don’t. Not in the slightest. At the moment all I feel is sad with an overtone of worry – if I can’t cope with pregnancy, how am I going to cope with motherhood second time around?
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10 comments to >Did you love your pregnant body ?

  • amy

    >awwww hun i'm sure you will do fine. I hope everything goes well for baby's arrival, you have done so well to get this far. I'm sure you look fab pregnant and its natural to feel unattractive, i spent many an evening crying because i felt disgusting, then i look back at some pictures and i realised i didn't look as half as bad as i felt.

    You get the piccys done and enjoy yourself and try not to worry about being a mum again, everything will be fine. take care xxxxx

  • cartside

    >do get the pictures done, as you said yourself, you'll look back and wonder why you didn't take them later on. For my part, I didn't feel sexy when pregnant, but still I was very positive about this body that was growing a baby. And so should you feel, you've made it so far, it's done its job and everything from here is extra. You can be very proud of this pregnant body!

    And yes, coping with motherhood second time around isn't easy but you've done it before and all my friends with second babies say that they worried more than necessary and that it all fell into place quite quickly.

  • whistlejacket

    >Like you I struggle with my pregnant body, I always think other pregnant women look great and me less so! I love being pregnant and I'm fortunate that this pregnancy has been okay so far. My hair looks great so that's something I'm happy with. But I always feel a bit freakish with a baby bump and I get eczema when pregnant and various aches and pains which leave me feeling not so sexy. And the tiredness doesn't help either!

    Do go for your pics though, I hid from the camera in my second pregnancy which looking back was a shame. I saw some pictures of myself the other day and thought I looked huge. However I know I won't think like that post-baby. Don't worry about looking after a second baby, you'll find your own way of managing it.

  • Brit in Bosnia / Fraught Mummy

    >I'm one of the few people I know who loved being pregnant. Unfortunately, my body didn't love being pregnant as a slipped disc will illustrate.

    You will look amazing and you will appreciate having the pictures done. As for 2nd babies? You don't have the time to worry, you just have to get on and do it. Baby No. 2 will arrive soon enough and she will fill your world so fast you won't know what it was like without her. You've done so well getting this far. (BTW, my friend, ML, had her twins a few weeks ago). Big hugs enjoy this period of time of peace. x

  • Very Bored Housewife

    >I am currently sporting the back of a bus with acne look and I am only 8 weeks gone!!! This pregnancy isn't suit me sadly but I do regret not having any pictures of me pregnant last time so I will make an effort to get some taken this time around.

    Get the pictures done, if they are really bad which I doubt they will be, then you can hide them away somewhere but you can't hide what you don't have….

  • spudballoo

    >Hmmm I don't have many pictures of me during either of my pregnancies and THANK GOD is all I can say. I looked horrendous, vast, bloated…even my hair was pregnant.

    I won't lie and say having two is easy, it's definintely a big change from having one and learning to juggle is a bit of a challenge. but the you DO learn it, and the baby needs you less…and then they play and it's cool.

    It's not the same shock as going from 0 babies to 1, but it's an adjustment. I found it very hard to have to 'give up' my big boy for a while. He really became a daddy's boy while I tended to the baby for a good 6 months or so. But we're all cool now and having two is a delight.

    Good Luck for Thurs!! xx

  • Muddling Along Mummy

    >You're right – I'm going to keep the appointment and see how it goes, worst case I can get my included print and shove it in a drawer, best case I get to see how I look and can admire what my body is doing … and I am still pregnant and able to do the shoot which is a big bonus !

    Spud – I think you've hit part of the nail on the head there, some of my worry is losing the fact that I finally get on with my big girl and this hard fought relationship might get ruined by imposing a new baby that I'll have to focus on.

    BiB – I've spoken to ML – sounds like she's doing really well ! but twins OMG !

    VBH – come on, go for it ! Get something booked and join the clan (I spent the 1st trimester spotty, sick and tired … not glam – oh and I never bloomed)

  • Sandy Calico

    >I totally understand how you feel. I spent my second pregnancy worrying, but I was so much more relaxed when baby number two arrived. I found it easier to have a tangible baby to deal with. rather than the unknown.
    Good luck, and get that photo!

  • The wife of bold

    >Your not alone, any women who says they "enjoy" being pregnant are freaks in my book! My best friend was pregnant at the same time as me with daughter no 2 and she was soooo happy being pregnant – annoying doesn't cut it! You'll be fine and so much calmer once no 2 arrives, you've done it all before and i found it so much easier second time round, the first is always the worse, good luck x x x

  • Helen Lindop

    >Even though in the last few weeks I've been sleep-deprived, recovering from a c-section, caring for a newborn and running around after a toddler all at the same time, I still feel better than I did when I was pregnant! Those pregnancy hormones mess with your mind and make you think you can't cope, but don't worry, you can :0)

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