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>Is this the end of my tether ?

>Another day, another scan.

Baby2 is holding her own, continuing to grow, has enough fluid and good blood flow despite the fact that our placenta continues to decline and now is classified as a 39 week / post dates version. No idea how she is doing it but she’s hanging in there and all we can do is sit tight and wait.
But I’m not sure I can do much more waiting – for some reason this good news seems to be the final straw. After months of ups and downs there is a part of me that would just like this pregnancy to be over so we can move on (and I can get my life back) and then another part of me that feels horribly selfish to be worried about things like this and to get on with the job of growing this baby and getting her to full term.
Hopefully this will all sort itself out in the morning but am I sick of worry, sick of being stuck at home and sick of being uncomfortable. And now I have to worry that we could get to 40 weeks and she’ll turn up during my sister’s wedding …
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1 comment to >Is this the end of my tether ?

  • Domestic Goddesque

    >Is it me, or is pregnancy not just nine months of worry (followed by the rest-of-your-life of worry)? Had I known, I'd have made more of my irresponsible teenage years! Great news that Baby2 is holding her own at last though x

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