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>A plan of inaction


We had a good meeting with the consultant yesterday.  I’ve been told to get over my bow tie aversion (why oh why haven’t the fashion police stepped in and done something about bow ties as day wear ?) and that it shows he’s a bit more open than some others.

Long story short is that he wants to do another scan on Monday to check everything out himself and we’ll take it from there.  If there’s further deterioration we’ll be looking at how to get her out and when, if not we’ll give her another two weeks and then see how she’s doing.

So whilst I’m slightly deflated that the plan of action I was hoping for has turned into a plan of inaction its probably all for the best.  Oh and Baby2 has turned herself into a better position and started to engage – perhaps she’s worked out that she needs to be ready to hit the eject button and will manage this whole process herself.

To be honest the general feeling is that she’s coming early – given we’re 34 weeks today though its not such a big problem and I can go away and happily research how to minimise the amount of time she spends away from us.

Still got to work out how to manage the whole being in hospital thing – the one thing that we didn’t have opened up was the prospect of having her at home, seems that there are just far too many risks now so even my very unruffled midwife was suggesting that perhaps hospital is the best place for us all.

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5 comments to >A plan of inaction

  • whistlejacket

    >Glad it went okay for you yesterday. Hope the scan goes well. I bet you just want to get through the next few weeks, even if you make it another fortnight you'll be almost full-term!

  • SnafflesMummy

    >glad things are still going well. Hope you can relax a little bit and enjoy the final few weeks of your pregnancy. Hope Monday's appointment goes well.

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  • Domestic Goddesque

    >IN this instance, I guess nothing is better than something….

  • Muddling Along Mummy

    >whistlejacket -this already seems like the longest pregnancy in the world … still two more weeks and it really doesn't matter when she turns up after that !

    SnafflesMummy – thank you for your lovely comments and the Award – really kind !

    Domestic Godessque – funny how inaction can be the preferred form of action !

  • platespinner

    >Pleased things are going well and good luck for your scan. Hope the next couple of weeks don't drag too much for you.

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