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>Can’t think of much to say this morning …


… except to say please think of us around lunchtime.  We’re off to see the consultant about Baby2 and hopefully to get a plan of action in place.

Things have moved on a bit since we set the appointment up – back then it was because the placenta wasn’t looking too hot, now we have scans that show it definitely isn’t working too well.

Back then I was still secretly hoping for a nice natural spontaneous birth, now I’m not sure we’ll get that.

So fingers crossed I can re-engage my brain enough to ask the questions I need to and not to blub too much.

p.s. good news re the car though – the garage is going to pay for the tyres because it turns out that they hadn’t installed all the bits that they should have …  can’t prove I did hit something HUGE but on the other hand can’t prove that I did

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