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>Bother bother bother – stand clear, am obviously doomed


As my Father said yesterday, if there’s a thunderstorm he’s going to stand next to me…

Hadn’t got around to mentioning it but we picked up a new car on Friday – its large but lovely and has 5 doors which makes getting Toddlergirl in and out a delight.

Unfortunately whilst driving back to my parents’ house yesterday it told me it had a problem with the suspension and not to go faster than 30.  So I slowed down, dithered a bit, opened a window, heard a clunking noise and smelt something funny so I pulled over and called the rescue people.  Turns out the front tyre had shredded somehow but a nice man in a recovery truck picked us up and took me home.  No problems I thought, proud of myself for solving it and actually when I spoke to the garage perhaps a chance for them to install the bit they’d forgotten when we picked it up.

Fast forward a couple of hours to a cross call from Mr Muddling in Hong Kong asking why I hadn’t told him I’d crashed the car and destroyed the front tyre (emails and messages had got lost somewhere in transit …) – garage had called him (why ?  its my car, registered to me ?  they know he’s overseas ?) and told him I’d caused £££s of damage by scraping it along a kerb and shredding the wheel (um I didn’t, I was so worried about the size that I was virtually driving in the middle of the road) – when challenged they said actually I’d destroyed BOTH tyres on that side by driving over something immense in the road and it would cost a multiple of £££s to fix …

So poor Mr Muddling is now trying to resolve this from halfway around the world, the garage have a range of inconsistent stories most of which suggest that by driving through the suburban streets (admittedly not well but not like a nutter) I have managed to damage an offroad 4×4 and my run of bad luck is continuing in full flow.

So if you need some good luck come and stand next to me so I can absorb your bad luck vibes … it seems to be my raison d’etre at the moment

p.s. does anyone know if the new blogger interface thingy has a spellchecker ?

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3 comments to >Bother bother bother – stand clear, am obviously doomed

  • Perfectly Happy Mum

    >Good God! What a bunch of b*****s at the garage! Surely they should not go around and call husbands at the other side of the planet to try to get the wives in trouble. How terrible! I wouldn't have sounded so composed. Well done you for staying calm and collected.

  • Brit in Bosnia / Fraught Mummy

    >You are having a right time of it at the moment. But, I'm guessing you are just getting all your bad luck karma out of the way before Baby No. 2 arrives, when it'll be good luck all the way. xxx

    ps garages, right sods. You did well not to totally lose the plot. I would have. And probably cried too.

  • Muddling Along Mummy

    >Thanks BIB – that's a good way to think about it, that we're having a karmic clear out pre-baby (karmic nesting ?) and that actually this all means that her outlook is all ok !

    PHM – don't get me started, fortunately Mr Muddling has got the bit between his teeth on this one but they are a bunch of utters unspeakables

    They have at least backed down and accepted that they have failed to install various bits but are still saying I hit something the size of a small boulder … hopefully the nice insurance people are going to make this all go away !

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