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>Dear so and so – part 1

>Inspired by Brit in Bosnia and 3 bedroom bungalow I thought I’d have a go at writing a Dear so and so … its surprisingly therapeutic – why not give it a go

Dear placenta,
This really is not a good time to be deciding not to work properly. Baby2 and I are both relying on you to do your job properly – she’d particularly like a few more nutrients so she can stay inside for a bit longer. Let us know what we can do to make your job easier.
Thanks in advance
H & Baby2
Dear Baby2,
Hang on in there, please. Another week would be ideal, two if you can manage it. I’ve asked the placenta to up its game to help us and every day is helping you grow stronger.
We’ll laugh about this at some point, I’m sure
Mummy x
Dear Toddlergirl,
Is there any chance I can get away without reading Mr Magnolia 10 times before bed tonight? It really isn’t that great a story and I just don’t understand your devotion to it. I’m even prepared to exchange two reads of Dr Seuss instead …
Pretty please
Mummy x
Dear Mr Muddling,
Please don’t think that because I’m not clinging to your ankles and bawling my eyes out that I am not hating the thought of you going away. I am trying very hard to be brave so that you don’t feel any worse but please show that you appreciate my efforts otherwise you come across as not really caring. I’m sure this isn’t the case but this isn’t something that can be solved by doing a technical job, I’m afraid.
Dear so-called-friends,
I obviously wasn’t clear enough in my email when I said I couldn’t make the picnic today because of pregnancy problems. It would have been nice for one of you to ask if we’re ok and to show some concern. Am now considering that the time may be long past for culling you all – or perhaps you have already decided to cull me and this is the best way to show me.
Dear wife of friend,
I know you meant well but when I say I’ve been in hospital for contractions and threatened early delivery saying that yes, your Braxton Hicks contractions were worse 2nd time around does rather suggest that you think I’m making a fuss over nothing. Trust me, I’m not. AND I have a trace which shows them hitting a 6 if you’d like to see that.
Hoping that I’m just being overly sensitive
Dear husband of friend,
It is never appropriate lunch party conversation to ask how someone knows that they’re having a threatened miscarriage – yes my answer (having contractions and bleeding) has now increased your knowledge but please consider how it made me, and everyone else feel. It was really quite a challenge to get the conversation up and running again after that gem.
Remember google can be your friend
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7 comments to >Dear so and so – part 1

  • Brit in Bosnia / Fraught Mummy

    >Welcome to the world of dear so and so. It is really quite fun to write them. Here's to Baby 2 staying put, placenta deciding to work and to friends realising their insensitivity whilst not meant at all can be hurtful.

    Thinking of you, your stoicism and coping facade. I hope you get the support that you need from your friends soon. xxx

  • JosiePosie

    >I don't know what made me click through from Hitched to here, but I'm glad I did. I wish I could give you a big cuddle. I'll be thinking of you and Baby2 all night now, hope it gives you some comfort that there are people who care xx

  • SnafflesMummy

    >"dear so and so" posts sound like a good idea.
    Huge hugs to you and your family. Hope you get some positive news soon and your friends begin to understand the meaning of "friends"

  • MuddynoSugar

    >Loving the dear So & So's, feeling for you, people say the stupidest things when you are having pregnancy probs…ignore them. Trust your instincts, you're right, your feelings are right and everybody else is wrong (me included…probably). I have everything crossed for you. X

  • gaelikaa

    >You're having a tough time right now. Will keep you in mind and send lots of positive and good thoughts your way!!

  • Muddling Along Mummy

    >Thank you all – think I might have to do one of these again soon, is sort of like a safety valve !

    BiB thank you again for suggesting I give it a whirl

  • Domestic Goddesque

    >Just getting back into blogging after a baby1 hiatus and growing baby2. Can't imagine what you are going through, though the letters do give a very good idea. Sending you a big hug- and I'd definitely consider the cull of playdate mums.Quite cathartic, and you don't need any more stress!!!


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