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>Modern proverbs

>That no matter how clever you think you’re being as a parent, your toddler is able to work out what you’re up to and out think you completely.

Oh yes, the idea of not letting her get too attached to one bear and so having two alternating bears that live in her bed has gone really well … yup, we now have a whole army of bears that live in her bed and that are required every night. So instead of only needing to try and not lose one, I now have four bears (well one rabbit and three bears but she calls them all bear) that can’t go missing. Anyone have the number of the US presidential secret service agents ?

A proverb (from the Latinproverbium), also called a byword or nayword, is a simple and concrete saying popularly known and repeated which expresses a truth, based on common sense or the practical experience of humanity.

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