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Mummy bloggers are ‘lonely losers’ ?

>‘Interesting article’ on Alpha Mummy suggesting that some people out there view Mummy bloggers as lonely losers who are blogging because of a lack of a real world life.

Can’t say that I think they’re right – lonely I may be right now but it is blogging that is providing me with a path into a bubbling online community where I am able to virtually meet other people. I may be sat at a computer, but through it I can make friends and reach out into a far wider world than my current limited environment of my bed and sofa.
Blogging for me also gives me somewhere to say the things that I need to, which in my real life I don’t have the opportunity to say – expressing my worries, my current misery and loneliness gives me an outlet for these emotions and helps me to work through them. I never really got into diary writing as a teenager but blogging is in many ways like a diary – just with the added bonus of getting feedback on it.
So bah! to those of you who think we’re sad losers, and bah! to those who think there are too many of us – focus on the positive, in an age of increasing family isolation, the internet is giving mothers another route to access the support that they have always provided to each other.
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4 comments to Mummy bloggers are ‘lonely losers’ ?

  • Yummy Mammy

    >I would be absolutely lost without my online pals and blogging. Since I'm living in exile at the moment and on the darker days I know full well that spending a few hours in front of the computer has kept me going through some very hard times. And telling my tales via my blog has gathered me more support than I could ever dreamed of having in my real world.

  • spudballoo

    >Yes PAH and double PAH!! I've had the most amazing support and friendship online over the years, and I wouldn't have got through some really tough times without my online support network. they stepped up when my 'real' friends ran away.

    Online rocks! x

  • Muddling Along Mummy

    >Spud – pah sums it up exactly ! I suspect that you have to have been there and done it to realise exactly what online can give you (and to realise that we're not all beardy wierdies called Brian pretending to be women …)

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