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>Bored bored bored

>I know that only boring people get bored but I am really beginning to get sick of own company and I do have a niggling feeling that perhaps I am actually becoming rather dull.

I don’t know if its that the constant low level worry has led to my worry capacity maxing out or just that there is a finite time in which I can create things to do but I feel lethargic and bored – the books I have in my reading pile don’t excite me, the thought of more of the beige embroidery fills me with dread (despite being within touching distance of getting it finished), I can’t get the motivation together to start knitting something new and I can barely stir myself to see what is out there in the wide world via the internet.
I’m lonely – I realise that the choices I’ve made in respect of career have another side, that there are few people who are able to put up with dates being cancelled because of work crises, and that most of older friends have moved away and require travel beyond my comfort zone. Realisation doesn’t change the fact that yes I have friends that I’m keeping in touch with via email but human contact is on the low side.
Its not helped by Mr MAM being caught up in work – he’s coming home later, not perhaps realising that talking to him and finding out about what is going on in my real world have increasingly become a life line to me. It feels as if I’m coming up against his sympathy capacity – that he’s had enough of this now and with the finish line in sight would just like it all to be over.
I guess I’ll snap out of it at some stage – maybe tomorrow needs to be a duvet day, comfort food, comfort reading and a good wallow.
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3 comments to >Bored bored bored

  • cartside

    >I've been to that place (even if in a totally different set of circumstances), and it's a hard one to drag yourself out. Anyone near you that you can arrange to see or that can arrange to see you so you don't have to travel?

  • The wife of bold

    >Ahh have a nice bubble bath and a family size bar of chocolate, and get hubby to pick you up some flowers and a magazine, you'll feel better in no time 🙂

  • Muddling Along Mummy

    >Thank you – have arranged to see a local friend tomorrow and off to my parents for pampering this afternoon. Hopefully will extract myself soon…

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