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Nesting or more displacement activity ?

>I can’t decide if this is nesting or just displacement activity but this morning I have found myself sorting through the bin bags of baby clothes and bits in the loft. So far I have relocated the moses basket, found my stretchy wrap sling, sorted out tiny clothes in newborn, 0-3 and 3-6 months and I’m now turning my hand to sorting out the bigger girl clothes.

It possibly is displacement activity – our scan report turned up on Saturday. It turns out that the placenta has gone from Grade 0 to Grade 2 in the space of 4 weeks which is obviously not ideal. I’m not good at failure and I do rather seem to have created a sub-par version. I guess the only good thing is that at least it now shows where the bleeding must have been coming from – well not exactly a good thing but I work on the basis that knowledge = power (and not knowing did make me wonder if I was making it all up somehow).
The other big task this week is to finish the world’s longest tapestry once that’s done (I’m close but still heaps of beige to go) I’m going to be back on the knitting – in case Baby2 turns up early I’m going to start knitting her some warm hats and cardigans in various premature baby sizes. I’ve all my fingers and toes crossed that we don’t need them and I can hand them over to the NICU at our local hospital but at least we’ll be prepared.
And I guess I need to pack us a bag for hospital – never had to do this so that should keep me busy (and yes, I have finally accepted that a homebirth is almost certainly out for us – obviously with a few caveats that might mean I can if all suddenly goes back to normal !)
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