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>Back to basics

>Thank you for the kind words yesterday. The good news is that we have an action plan (I do like having a plan !) – we have an appointment being set up with a consultant to find out what they think needs to happen. Fortunately we have my lovely midwife on side and she’s navigating us through all of this and providing a calm voice of reason and a counterbalance to the medicalisation.

I’m terribly scared for Baby2 – I can’t help but feel that somehow I’m failing her and that something I’ve done has caused her placenta to start giving up on her.
So I’m resolved to take things easy – I’ve been stretching the boundaries of doing nothing over recent days – and to concentrate on giving her as many days inside as I can to give her the best chance. So I’m back spending lots of time in my bed, watching rather more TV than has to be good for me, naval gazing whilst I count the amount of movements to check she’s ok and hopefully at some point finishing this tapestry.
I don’t know how this is going to turn out but I am still travelling hopefully – I’m sure that Baby2 is going to be another determined female from a long line of determined women. Just need to keep her cooking for a few more weeks – if we can make it to 34 weeks then that would be marvellous, if we can make 36 that would be even better.
So fingers and toes crossed please
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