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>It looks like I need to eat my hat !

>Oh dear, hat for tea for me. Actually its more like phew and oh well I’ll eat my hat. Incredibly it appears that despite all the problems (massive pipe leaks, broken sink, not having the right parts delivered, tiles in all the wrong places, a massive fight over not using incredibly cheap and nasty plastic tile edging, the loo falling off the wall …) the bathroom is now within a gnat’s whisker of being finished.

Yes, we are now just waiting for the walls and ceiling to be painted ! We have a lovely new enormous shower where the airing cupboard used to be, a wonderful deep bath and a proper sized hot water tank (which is also now hidden away in the roof space) so more than one person can wash in the course of an evening !
Admittedly we have a snagging list as long as my arm and a few serious niggles (like why is the sink halfway into the room and sticking out further than my pregnant tummy) but the main thing is that we are 95% of the way there and the rest can all be sorted out. Actually since we haven’t paid a penny yet, I’m quietly hoping that it will all be sorted out very fast indeed.
If you can’t find me over the next few days I’ll be found luxuriating in my new bath !!!
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