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>Review – Annabel Karmel Top 100 Finger Foods

>I’m a great fan of finger foods for Toddlergirl, it ties in with my love of baby led weaning and the freedom its gives you as parents to actually spend meal times eating and drinking rather than spooning food down your small child. I’d been eyeing up Annabel Karmel’s latest book which covers finger foods but hadn’t decided on whether it would be worth it so I jumped at the chance to review it.

In general Annabel Karmel scares me – her recipes seem to need to many ingredients, require you to make food in interesting shapes and generally have a high faff level. My quest is to find food that Toddlergirl will enjoy but also that can be expanded to make a meal for Mr MAM and me (and Mr MAM is a VERY fussy eater which does complicate life a touch). I also don’t want to have to remember a list of difficult to find ingredients (the pregnancy brain means I tend to only remember half of any shopping list I leave the house with) and to have minimal faffing around preparing. She’s also been rather tainted as the queen of purees which since we avoided that route meant that I haven’t been quite the fan of hers that several other Mummy friends are.
The conclusion is that whilst there are some recipes that are high on the faff content, there are lots that give you tasty food that will work equally well for a small person as a big fussy one. Her Satay Chicken Skewers have been a huge success (you can add in some mild curry powder to make them a bit more interesting), the Maple Ginger Sticky Sausages make a tasty alternative to the honey and mustard ones I usually do (although they are very very sticky) and the handheld apple pies are really scrummy. In fact, far from my expectations that there’d only be a couple of recipes that I’d like I’ve a list of things to try!
The only question I have left is where can I find wonton wrappers – I love the look of a couple of recipes that need them and Ocado don’t seem to be able to provide them.
If you’re interested, you can find out more here.
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