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>Temperature watch

>Toddlergirl is currently trying to break her previous teething record of 6 teeth in 4 and a bit weeks. So far in the last week we’ve had one front tooth, one back tooth and there are definite signs that we have another couple of back teeth and a couple at the front all desperately trying to break through.

End result is that she’s got a fever and I’m spending a few hours tonight trying to get it down to more normal levels – so far we’ve done the Calpol, taking off all her clothes and giving her cold milk. She’s currently in her bed, cuddling her poorly blanket and Bear and snoozing so I’m here, trying to stay awake for another half hour to give the Calpol time to kick in before a last temperature check before I head to bed.
Its strange but I don’t mind the nights when we spend the wee small hours together – its something I can do for her that makes a big difference. Cuddles, Dr Seuss, Goodnight Moon and eyebrow rubbing are something that seem to come with a special Mummy Magic.
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