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>A minor rant – why is there so much sex on TV

>I may be a touch sensitive about this currently (being on enforced celibacy for a prolonged period may do that to you) but has anyone else noticed the sheer amount of bonking that on the television ALL THE TIME ?

I’m watching rather a lot of TV and DVDs to avoid the boredom but keep getting ambushed by soft focus, mood music, naked flesh, fake sex (I assume at least, surely they’re not really all at it for the cameras ?). Its not that I grudge the rest of humanity the right to be at it like rabbits whilst I’m forced to sit out joining in, but that I’m more than happy for them to do so in the privacy of their bedrooms (or location of choosing). What I don’t want is to be forcefed images of them doing it.
Now books are different, from the chaste kisses and embraces of my favourite Georgette Heyers to the bonkorama Jilly Coopers at least its done with humour and verve AND I can flick over to the next page easily – having to search for the remote whilst juggling tea, tapestry and phones tends to mean I have no way to avoid watching.
Am I a grumpy old woman ? Probably, just wait until I’ve had another 11 weeks of enforced celibacy plus the inevitable post baby no sleep = no sex phase …
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5 comments to >A minor rant – why is there so much sex on TV

  • platespinner

    >Poor you, but that did make me smile! Actually, I get quite annoyed with all the overt sex everywhere you turn but maybe I'm turning into a grumpy old woman too! I find music videos a bit much to take – pretty much soft-core porn these days (eek 'these days' – I have turned into a grumpy old woman!)

    I've tagged you with a meme at mine 🙂


  • Laura McIntyre

    >Definitely to much , seems even daytime tv is full of it ,
    Im not a prude but when your watching a tea time soap you don't expect it to be so raunchy

  • The wife of bold

    >I agree with platespinner SEX has taken over every music video, which is such a shame as my soon to be 5 yr old loves Lady gaga's music (Nothing to do with me believe me) and all that sort of thing…but i can't let her watch any of the videos as they are all gyrating and humping around like rampant rabbits. It really is disgusting and if at 26 yrs old i sound like a grumpy old women then so be it!

    Ps I had to laugh, pregnancy turns you into grumpy full stop, i remember how miserable i was…not long now.

  • Muddling Along Mummy

    >I'm glad I'm not the only grumpy old woman ! Have found that I'm turning into one of those muttering ones – seriously, the youth of today … etc etc etc

    Thanks platespinner – off to yours for a look see !

  • Scentsy

    >Not only do you see sex everywhere on TV these days, but what is getting to me is that it is on every kid show too. Almost every show on Nikeloden and Disney is about romance and kissing. They are just kids! Where has the innocence gone?

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