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>The first potatoes from our garden

>This has not been a good year for the veggie patch – the HG meant I really didn’t get things done that I needed to in the Spring and then when things were in and looking good the Nunkjack deer got in and ate the tops of most things.

So its good that despite all of this we have actually managed to harvest something – yes, we have potatoes ! These are the first that we’ve had from our veggie patch and I’m rather proud of them (which is not something I’d have ever thought of saying a couple of years ago). Even if I say so myself they do taste rather good too.
Incredibly the sugar snap peas have also suddenly taken off and are growing upwards, there are broccoli that look like teeny broccoli and we have lots of little green tomatoes. Perhaps even though its a bit late in the summer there is a chance that we may get more than a few potatoes out!
Just need to work out what to plant this autumn and what I want the patch to look like next year (have great plans involving asparagus and soft fruit BUT only if we can find a way to prevent deer getting in).
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2 comments to >The first potatoes from our garden

  • cartside

    >It's great eating the veg you've grown yourself, isn't it? Nothing like going out into the garden and eating /cookikng it straight.
    There's a great social network for people growing vegetables: out of our own back yard, http://ooooby.ning.com.

  • Muddling Along Mummy

    >There's definitely a disproportionate pleasure in eating own grown (and it tastes better !)

    Off to poddle over to see the other site – I love that people can keep showing me exciting new places to visit. Thank you

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