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>Finally finished !

>Toddlergirl wouldn’t stay still long enough to model this properly but I have FINALLY finished the jumper I have been knitting for the last several weeks. Its by far the biggest and most complicated thing I’ve ever attempted and I’m really quite proud of myself because it does look really quite good (even if I say so myself !).

I’ve been signed off today after a chat with my doctor – no more trying (and failing) to combine work with relaxing and cooking this baby and hopefully a reduction in pressure will mean that I can concentrate on nurturing Mr MAM, Toddlergirl and Baby2.
So the big question is what is the next project – a new cardigan for Baby2 or should I have another attempt at finishing the cushion I have been embroidering on and off for the last three years (I finished the last one on my last period of gardening leave) ? I suspect that the knitting will prove more attractive than the dubious delights of complicated pomegranates or acres of beige background !

Either way, I have plenty of DVDs I’m going to enjoy watching, hopefully there will be cricket to listen to on the radio if the weather co-operates and I’m going to make an effort to remove myself from the pit of despair and see people and yes, if it means asking them to come to me then I will – being stuck on the sofa shouldn’t have to mean I have to be a hermit and asking for help isn’t the end of the world.
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