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Great holiday – shame about the visit to the labour ward

Don’t worry, we’re still a family of three ! We had a lovely time on the Isle of Wight – lots of time on the beach (which Toddlergirl adores) and playing with all the cousins.

Unfortunately I ended up with another day of contractions which developed into them getting 5 minutes apart, lasting over a minute and HURTING so we had to go to the labour ward to be checked out. The great news is that they had a machine onsite to test if I was in actual labour (something to do with the protein glues around the membranes) and I’m not.
Even greater news because it turns out that they wouldn’t have been able to deliver us there and we’d have had to take a trip in an ambulance over on the ferry to the mainland.
Anyway, since things haven’t calmed down I’m back in bed until they do. I’ve also been read the riot act by just about everyone I know for daring to try and do something normal – to say that I’m feeling low is an understatement. I do want to do the best for Baby2 but the prospect of doing absolutely nothing for another 3 months isn’t attractive. I’ve also had to cancel our family holiday we had booked in Cornwall in September – I was really looking forward to a nice time with just the three of us, nice food and drink, relaxing together and some pampering. I guess that is all out of the window now – I can’t think of an alternative that will get us far enough away from the monster house job list and our work to enable us to really have proper time together.
Anyway, counting blessings, this Thursday we’ll reach 28 weeks. Which is a good thing, even if it doesn’t really feel like it right here, right now.
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7 comments to Great holiday – shame about the visit to the labour ward

  • Brit in Bosnia / Fraught Mummy

    >Oh how frustrating! Poor you. But I'm pleased everyone is reading you the riot act. Tough though, especially when you already have a toddler screaming around the house.

  • SandyCalico

    >So glad it was a false alarm. Can you try to have a 'staycation' instead of your Cornwall holiday? Get lovely food in, eat ice-creams, that kind of thing?

  • Jo

    >Aww I'm sorry you're feeling so low. Glad it was a false alarm though. Love SandyCalico's idea of a staycation. I know of a few people doing something similar this year.

  • zooarchaeologist

    >Gosh, Shame about cancelling the holiday. Just think, you can do it bigger and better next year!
    Its hard when everyone is telling you waht to do. Personally, I think that you know your own limits so I would go with your instinct, but keep everyone happy by doing what you want in a quiet way. Safely of course.
    Roll on thursday

  • Mama B

    >Oh love I'm sorry things are still so difficult for you. I'm glad Baby2 is still cooking, but it can't be easy being prescribed bed rest. Can you try and make the most of it and buy some DVD box sets, new books, craft projects which you can use to entertain yourself without too much effort? I also agree with the idea of a Staycation. Are there any low key days out close to home which you could try if you are feeling up to it when the time comes? Big hugs x

  • Muddling Along Mummy

    >Thank you ! Am currently trying to remotivate and find a way to make the best of this … just having a momentary wobble and wallow

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