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Better late than never – off on our holiday !

It might be 5 days late but we’re about to head off on our (not rather shorter than planned) holiday ! Mr MAM has sorted out the various work crises that had kept us from leaving and we’re planning on catching a 9pm ferry tonight and keeping all available digits crossed that Toddlergirl decides to sleep in the car and then when we get there.

Tomorrow the plan involves walking along the beach, lunch in the pub on the sea front and the a weekend with the massed cousins and relatives and hopefully some sun and sand !
Frantically trying to get packed (and to find the various lists I’ve written) and to forget nothing too important, especially since the weather doesn’t seem to be terribly nice down at the seaside. We’ve the details for the maternity wing at the local hospital which seems slightly dramatic (and yet removing myself from my comfort zone of people who know what is going on around here and being so far from home does quite frankly worry me). Hopefully we’ll not be visiting delivery suites as well as the seaside.
I’ll probably not be taking the laptop (although I’m not sure about going cold turkey off it) and I haven’t quite worked out how to blog from my phone yet so I’ll be out of touch until next week.
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