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Mememememe my first award !

>The lovely Mummy do that! has given me a memememe award which has brightened my day (even if I am a touch embarrassed by her comment about stoic when I one of the great things about my blog is that I get to fire out whatever is keeping my mind ticking over out into the ether and then occasionally people are nice enough to read it !)

I have to list 7 personality traits which is why its taken a little time to get back to actually writing this down.
1. I’m determined – I don’t like to give up and will keep plodding away until I get the job done. Unfortunately Mr MAM thought this was the personality trait of mine he’d most like Toddlergirl to have … she does which leads to ‘interesting’ clashes of determined women. I wanted her to have his eyelashes !
2. I don’t suffer fools gladly. I’m not even sure that I’d like to but I am working on being less judgemental and putting my own prejudices to one side – its the toughest part of the counsellor training I’ve done.
3. I need to be organised. If I don’t have lists and control over my environment things rapidly go haywire and I find myself totally at sea – I can’t cope without my control mechanisms. Big example is my not being able to do anything because of the hyperemesis – dates for Toddlergirls class terms never got written on the noticeboard and so we’ve had no idea when to turn up (or more importantly not turn up) …
4. I’m loyal – I don’t have a large number of friends but I’m afraid that once you’re in and part of my trusted circle that’s it, you have me for life and will find it hard to get rid of me.
5. I have a tendency to lowness. It took a long time to acknowledge the dark side of life but now I know its there, accept it and have realised it is a part of who I am. Strangely acceptance has reduced its power to suck the vitality out of moments and has given me ways to cope.
6. I’m contradictory – I like to control my finances (yup I have a detailed spreadsheet with everything I spend) but then I suddenly go haywire and impulse spend. I like to be organised but the side of my wardrobe is a messy dumping ground of assorted clothes, shoes and bags. No idea why when its right 90% of the time that last part just can’t get sorted out.
7. I’m addicted to the novels of Georgette Heyer – its a little secret but I reckon that there is little that can’t be solved by heading to bed for a couple of days with one of her romances. I’m currently enjoying Frederica for possibly the millionth time.
And now the nice part where I get to pass this onto 7 more blogs – these are ones I’ve just discovered (thank you British Mummy Bloggers for providing a nice easy place to run across new people I might not have found otherwise)
1. Yummy Mammy who is having the horriblest time and needs as many people as possible to spread the word and help her out
2. Brit in Bosnia / Fraught Mummy who not only manages to make the expat life look easy but also educated me that Will Young had covered Outkasts Hey Ya – possibly my new favourite bit of music. And most importantly is lovely and supportive, even if she does drink a touch too much coffee occasionally !
3. Wife of Bold not least because I love her blog name, but also for her incredibly funky background and the fact that she nearly missed her own wedding ….
4. Adventure of a sleepless toddler who seems to be my twin – toddler, check; bump, check; due in the autumn, check – just much more coherent about it, even when writing about someone mistaking a bumbo for a potty …
5. Not now later who is coping with the nasty combination of school holidays and colds (not swine flu, no need for face masks before reading her blog !)
6. A Mother’s Secrets which is going to be a great repository of all those things you wished that people had been honest enough to tell you BEFORE you started on the Mummy journey
7. Millennium Housewife whose Things I’ve Said to my Husband Today can bring a smile to the dullest and miserablest of rainy days
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6 comments to Mememememe my first award !

  • A Mother' Secrets

    >Aww thank you so much!! I am really hoping that a Mother'secrets will do exactly what you are saying. This is the exact reason it has been started and I am sure that with all the brilliant contributions I have received so far it is going to be a great success!! Thanks again for the award :))

  • SandyCalico

    >Congrats on the award!
    I'm with you on no4. Who is this Georgette Heyer? Do I dare start reading one of her books?!

  • Millennium Housewife

    >Thankyouthankyouthankyou! So touched MAM, although if you don't suffer fools gladly I wonder why I'm up there….
    Off to have a lokk at the other people you mentioned, haven't heard of a few of them – cheers! x

  • Muddling Along Mummy

    >SandyCalico – think romance … think Regency period … think manly heros … think beautiful but spirited heroinnes …

    Millennium Housewife – you're not a fool, you're one of the funniest blogs I read !

  • The wife of bold

    >Congratulations it's well desreved. Thank you soo much for the award and the little comment i officially have a "funky" background woo hoo ha x

  • Mama B

    >Thank you for the award and the lovely comments, you're very kind. I'm very pleased to have discovered your blog, I love hearing how you're getting on and hope for better news and a behaving Baby2 very soon xx

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