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>A small feeling of success (and a bit of a plug)

>Over the course of the last year I’ve been muttering to various people about starting up a breastfeeding support group in my local area. Despite being swamped with expectant mothers and small children there is actually pitifully little support available around here and mothers are relying on the advice of the local health visitors (which is of varying quality), one incredibly overrun breastfeeding counsellor in the local town and whatever help they can muster over the internet, through friends and family and over the phone. It is far, far, far from ideal.

It seemed for ages that setting up the group was something that was nice to talk about but would have to wait until I got a small gap in my life – however, fortunately I’ve met a like minded friend and together we’ve egged each other on and actually got something up and running ! I gave myself a kick up the proverbials and completed my mother supporter training earlier in the year. To be honest the biggest incentive was the failure of a rather large national group’s local committee to do more than have meetings and decide that they wouldn’t play with anyone who hadn’t done their training … So we decided to show them.
And so today we had our first proper meeting of the group ! We actually had a mother turn up to meet us (hurray !) plus several friends dropped in too. We have a website that is up and running and is gradually getting populated with information and links (sitting in bed / on the sofa means plenty of time for me to sit and pull information together !) and we even have an egroup so hopefully we can provide help even when we can’t physically be there (and if imitation is the highest form of flattery we must be doing well – the organisation mentioned before has just set up one for their local chapter – I’m sure its had nothing to do with our plans !)
So if you’d like a look (and realising that I’m probably blurring the lines between my different lives) here we are – and we’re also on Facebook if you fancy joining us there !
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