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>Days when you just want to hide under your duvet

>This week I have been fighting the urge to refuse to get up when Toddlergirl shouts for me and to bury my head under my duvet and spend the day avoiding the world in general.

I’m suffering from an overload of information and worries about Baby2 – this week we have discussed steroid injections to develop her lungs in case she arrives in the next 6 weeks, progesterone tablets for me to try and relax my ‘irritable’ uterus, stitches in my cervix (seemingly to try and hold everything in if the inevitable happens but the thought of this just makes me wince and want to cross my legs !), kangaroo care and inevitably a move away from another home birth towards a medicalised hospital delivery.
I’m trying hard to make the right decision for Baby2 and not to be driven by emotion or my desires for another calm, controlled delivery in the comfort of my own house and a recovery surrounded by my family in my own bed but, even though I suspect hospital is inevitable now, I am still almost mourning this. My wonderful midwife hasn’t yet ruled it out but even I can see that she is trying to manage my expectations.
I’m also struggling to deal with my enforced exile from the office and the disconnect from working remotely – I’m still busily involved in a couple of projects and swinging between worrying that my colleagues don’t think I’m pulling my weight (out of sight, out of mind ?) and mild resentment that these same colleagues don’t realise quite what is happening about the baby (and hence the reasons HR, Occupational Health, my doctor have all insisted that I stop the commuting).
So if you don’t hear for me for a while I may have disappeared back under the covers, with comfort reading from Georgette Heyer and am avoiding the world – its not the solution but it might defer everything for a few hours.
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4 comments to >Days when you just want to hide under your duvet

  • cartside

    >I can only imagine how hard a time this must be. Hope you'll make decisions you're happy with and it's clear they'll be well informed. There's an award over at mine to maybe take your mind off things a bit.

  • The wife of bold

    >I really feel for you, this must be so draining both emotionally and physically but i'm sure it will all come good in the end whatever birth you end up having…enjoy your duvet day you deserve it.

    P.s Chocolate always makes me feel better 🙂 x

  • Brit in Bosnia / Fraught Mummy

    >I'm spitting feathers on your behalf – re Welch article and attitude of your colleagues. You know that the most important thing is that you stay healthy for the baby (and workwise that is the most important thing too – it is time off now, but if the baby comes this early there will be a LOT more time required).

    Anyway, have a duvet day (except you won't) and defer everything. You know what is right for you. The rest of them can just shove it.

    (sorry, am I being a bit strident? I've had a bit much coffee this morning!)

  • Muddling Along Mummy

    >Thank you for your lovely comments and Cartside thank you for the lovely memememe !!!

    FM you're not strident – I need someone to spit feathers on my behalf currently. Its normally something I'm good at but I'm having problems motivating to do more than the bare minimum at the mo

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