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>Baby led weaning or letting parents eat at the same time as children !

>Baby led weaning seems to be all the rage at the moment – unwittingly I seem to have stumbled on a hot Mummy trend !

Actually we fell into doing this with Toddlergirl not through aiming to be at the cutting edge of modern parenting but rather more because if I gave her food to pick up and chew then I could get on with the important task of eating and drinking myself. It seemed to make perfect sense, especially when her first foray into solid food was as a result of swiping some apple slices off my plate.
Baby led weaning (BLW for those in the kleek …) means doing what your baby wants, when they want and being guided by them but more importantly letting them feed themselves and explore food (this is BLW speak for accepting that a LOT will end up over the baby, smeared around the high chair and on the floor).
The Baby Led Weaning site has lots of interesting pictures, stories and recipes if you want to have a look.
Oh and you get to take pictures like this one of Toddlergirl getting stuck into a plate of lasagne !
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1 comment to >Baby led weaning or letting parents eat at the same time as children !

  • Kiera

    >BLW is very easy and what we do naturally anyway.

    Funnily enough its not a modern day parenting technique, its what we did before we were all told to feed our children at 3-4 months with spoons.

    Thanks for sharing the cute pic. I find the best way to cleanup is bring in the dog 🙂

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