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Another fun day at the hospital

>Baby2 seems determined to wait until I think I have everything back on an even keel before suddenly throwing another mini crisis to ensure I don’t relax too much. If she’s like this when she’s in utero, goodness only knows what she’ll be like when she arrives (although a small part of me is hoping that difficult now = angel child on arrival)

After an uncomfortable night last night by morning time it became obvious that I was definitely having contractions and they were a lot more painful than anything I’ve had previously this labour so we trundled off to our local hospital to get checked out.
The good news is that I’ve graduated to the delivery ward and the even better news is that Baby2 is doing fine in there and that if we can calm everything down again then hopefully she’ll stay put. That said I’m still having pains and I’m back on bed rest until they stop – the talk to steroid injections then and there scared the pants off me (well it would have done but, as ever, the doctors seem determined to have serious conversations whilst you have no knickers on !).
So this next week will be spent in bed again and meeting up with my midwife and seeing the consultant I’ve been referred to. I’m still hopeful that this is all a great fuss and that Baby2 is still going to arrive the day after my sister’s wedding (roughly 48 hours after her due date …) but we now have a team of people on board, I’ve met a lovely GP at my local practice and my wonderful midwife is back in the UK so we have lots of people on our side.
And Mr MAM and I have had a good talk about it all and our options and choices. We both understand where the other is and I have finally made the mental leap to realising that if what it takes to have this baby arrive as far in the future as possible and as healthy as possible is lying in bed then so be it – she’s my most important thing right now and the rest is just noise.
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7 comments to Another fun day at the hospital

  • Brit in Bosnia / Fraught Mummy

    >I have another dear friend, also 24 weeks pregnant, who is going backwards and forwards to hospital, much like you and is also on bed rest. You seem very calm. Good luck, stay put. I'm thinking of you both.

  • Muddling Along Mummy

    >Oh FM I hope she and her baby are ok – wish her the best from me

    Calm is only surface – it takes next to nothing for that to crack wide open … just need to keep counting blessings and each extra day

  • Perfectly Happy Mum

    >Just stumble upon your blog from Bringing up Charlie!
    Feet up lady and just milk this time when you can order food and drinks to be brought to you 🙂
    Good luck and if you fancy contributing to my new blog http://www.amothersecrets.com please send me some stuff to be posted. It is brand new, no posts on yet, I am collecting at the moment and plan to post my first articles early to mid august. So I am waiting for you there 🙂

  • SandyCalico

    >Hi there, I'm here from Bringing Up Charlie too. I was new kid on the blog 2!
    You poor thing, I was so closely monitored throughout my second pregnancy (hospital twice a week for last 3 months) I used up all my babysitting credits from my mother in law. Baby was fine.
    Fingers crossed baby stays put until cooked 🙂

  • Muddling Along Mummy

    >Thank you – PHM you have mail !

    Sandy – that sounds tough – we're really lucky to have great childcare and my parents close by

  • Maternal Tales

    >Yep – you do sound remarkably calm – good for you! Thinking of you and hope the bed rest sorts you out xx

  • Millennium Housewife

    >Crikey, I'm with everyone else – feet up! One day you'll look back on this and it will just be a period of time x

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