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>The satisfaction of a good list

>There’s something strangely fulfilling about writing down a good to do list and then spending the day ticking the items off.

Just doing the jobs and mentally removing from the list really doesn’t have the same impact – there is obviously some special benefit derived from having a piece of paper with nicely sorted jobs and then being able to sit there and cross each off.
I’ve been avoiding lists for a few days since I’ve been overwhelmed by the job of just getting through each day but I think the lack of distinct actions to get done has made the problem worse not better. So yesterday I sat myself down and got to grips with a new list – hopefully this is the big way to counter the effects of pregnancy brain and ensure I collect my favourite wrap from the dry cleaners some time before it gets sent to the charity shop (its been there for two weeks since I arrived an hour early to find it wasn’t done before the 5pm deadline). With a family holiday to pack for and my mother in law plus a friend coming to stay next week, hopefully the lists will prove my saviour and ensure that I don’t drop too many of the balls I’m currently juggling.
I’ve also ordered myself a new calendar and diary from Organised Mum – a great little business that provides solutions to keeping the chaos under a little more control AND has plenty of spaces for lists in all its products.
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2 comments to >The satisfaction of a good list

  • The Dotterel

    >Very organised!

  • Muddling Along Mummy

    >Only momentarily – it takes just a teeny thing for the whole pile of cards to collapse. Only realised this week that we have no idea when Toddlergirl's classes stop because in the mists of HG I just didn't manage to get it written down … oops

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