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>Recycling week challenge – passed !

>Hurray ! I don’t have to go cold turkey off my laptop, I don’t have to avoid Facebook, Twitter and all the other lovely internet based things that make life a bit more fun. Yes, I have managed to do my bit recycling paper at home !

Admittedly Toddlergirl and Mr MAM needed some policing and seemed determine to undermine me but after a week of checking the bin for inappropriately placed paper we all seem to be getting there.
Its been interesting that I’ve found that we’ve recycled more of everything – we’ve composted more, been more careful about plastics and cardboard and generally got into a routine – hopefully going forward we can keep up the good work.
The biggest problem is our local council who really don’t seem that dedicated to the task – the only plastic we can recycle is bottles so yoghurt pots and everything else are supposed to be consigned to the rubbish. I’m desperately searching for an alternative to this and emailing the waste people to see if we can change their minds (alternatively I may find myself nipping across the county border and popping our yoghurt pots in the recycling bins over there … I’m assuming there is nothing illegal in adding your recycling to someone else’s ?)
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