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24 weeks and counting !

>Time to relax momentarily – Baby2 and I have made it to 24 weeks and there is now roughly a 50/50 chance of her surviving if these problems mean that she arrives early.

So now my next big challenge is to not get complacent, to keep her in there as long as possible and our next target is 28 weeks.
I think the not getting complacent, not believing that this a big fuss over nothing and I’m being a bit wet is going to be my biggest challenge – that the most important thing at the moment isn’t work and projects that may or may not come to nothing but keeping this baby safe and sound and growing for as long as we can. Checking up on her as often as needed so we know if something is not right and so we can do something quickly to help her. Remembering that whilst I want an unmedicalised pregnancy and birth that this may not be best for her or for me and that balancing the risks is what we need to do.
So I guess I’ve hit one big benchmark but I certainly am not planning on having this baby any time soon – in fact I’m still determined to have her the night after my sister’s wedding, I fancy an October baby not a summer baby and my job is to try and make that happen !
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