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>I could get used to this !

>Hurray its Friday ! And more importantly I appear to have completed going cold turkey off my Blackberry (which I didn’t manage during my last maternity leave even) and have had a productive week !

I’ve had plenty of rest (and even Mr MAM admits that I look healthy for the first time in a couple of years – which might explain the eye cream he gave me at Christmas) and feel mostly human.
The scan showed Baby2 is developing on track and we now know what is causing the bleeds – next week I hit 24 weeks and her chances of surviving increase immensely.
I’ve had fun watching / listening to the tennis – does anyone else actually prefer to listen to the commentary on the radio rather than watch it on TV or is that just me ?
We’ve had the piano tuned for the first time since we moved house two years ago and it sounds lovely.
And I am on the final bit of Toddlergirl’s epic cardigan – trying to do pick up stitches around the edge to finish it off which I’ve never done before.
Roll on the weekend !
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2 comments to >I could get used to this !

  • Katherine

    >Glad that all is back on track and I hope all's ok with baby #2. Let us know. I really like listening to the cricket commentary on the radio; on a hot summer day it just shouts (be very calmly and quietly!) summertime. I don't even like cricket. I wouldn't choose to watch it but there's something very evocative about the radio commentary.

  • Muddling Along Mummy

    >Katherine its the soundtrack to the summer for me too – the calm, poised commentary just seems the perfect way to enjoy proper English sports !

    Much better than watching on TV because it doesn't matter if you are doing something with your hands so can't watch all the action !

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