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>Fingers and toes crossed

>Afraid that things are still not going terribly well with Baby2, I’ve had more bleeding and contractions despite spending the majority of my time lounging on the sofa watching Heros / Wimbledon / 64 Zoo Lane and knitting / surfing away. We’re off for a scan later to see if we can determine exactly what is causing all the trouble.

A part of me is sure that all of this is a great big fuss over nothing whilst another part of me knows that this isn’t normal and is trying to keep away from google to avoid reading too much about how this is NOT A GOOD SIGN.
So I have fingers and toes firmly crossed that tonight Baby2 is doing well in there and I can get some much needed answers and find out if I will be confined to the sofa for the foreseeable future or that I can gradually reclaim my normal life.
Only slight complication is that Mr MAM has been invited to Wimbledon with work so at least I can avoid worrying about the real issues by wondering if I should take someone along with me or just go solo …
P.S. One thing that I was be enjoying whilst spending time on my sofa is the British Mummy Bloggers’ Carnival that Time Management Mum is hosting – worth a peek if you want to see the best of the Mummy blogs (and I might get a teeny mention !!!)
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2 comments to >Fingers and toes crossed

  • jo

    >Hope you scan went ok and you're allowed off the sofa soon x

  • Mama B

    >I'm sorry you're having such a tough time of it. Keep resting up and sod real life and housework, you and the baby are the most important things at the moment. Fingers crossed you get some answers soon and can start to relax and enjoy the rest of the pregnancy. Thinking of you xx

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