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Days stretching endlessly ahead of me

>For the first time in my working life I’ve been signed off work and with strict instructions to not be continually on the blackberry / mobile. In fact its on silent and in a drawer upstairs whilst I sit writing this downstairs.

I’m continuing to have problems with my pregnancy and have been told, in the best Victorian manner, to inhabit the sofa, to take things easy and to reduce my stress levels in the interests of persuading my body to continue looking after Baby2 for as long as possible.
This might seem like a fabulous chance to laze around doing nothing but I’ve discovered its actually incredibly hard to sit down and turn off. Disengaging for work completely for the first time in at least decade has left me feeling as if I’m going cold turkey and with a vague sense of worry that colleagues are just paying lip service to telling me to take as much time as I need. My list of jobs to do around the house unfortunately mostly including bending or lifting and so are banned activities and therefore I’m forced to let them sit unattended.
In the interests of not going completely around the bend I’ve resorted to knitting again and am starting on jumpers for Baby2 and Toddlergirl – I can’t decide if making things for the baby is tempting fate or not but at least its giving me something to do.
Any ideas for things to do to occupy myself whilst sitting around would be much appreciated – I had no idea how hard doing nothing could actually be !
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6 comments to Days stretching endlessly ahead of me

  • cartside

    >I can imagine how hard it is to relax when it's imposed and not by choice, plus it'll give you time to worry which doesn't help. Knitting is great, go for it. You're not tempting fate. A funny novel. DVDs of a series you always wanted to watch. Blogging (I'm sure you never thought of that one ;))
    I hope you can manage without worrying to much and that it'll be an enjoyable time off with all being really well in the end.

  • amy

    >enjoy putting your feet up! well of course there is blogging to do, reading and my personel fav sleeping lol!

  • Muddling Along Mummy

    >Thank you ! So far I have caught up on the entire last series of Heros and finished the jumper for Baby2 – at least I now feel vaguely productive rather than like a vegetable (or perhaps a broody hen would be a better analogy LOL)

    Starting a more complex cardigan for Toddlergirl today – a little out of my comfort zone but at least I have the time to undo it if it all goes wrong

  • Jo

    >Knitting is good. How about watching some films, more blogging, napping, reading? Hope you're not getting too bored and frustrated.

    Have tagged you over at mine.


  • A Modern Mother

    >I was on "bedrest" too (yah, right, with a baby and a toddler…) It is hard to turn off. I think you hitting a critical point, and then you finally relax. Good luck and please take the docs advice.

  • Muddling Along Mummy

    >MM- exactly, try telling a 12 kilo 14 month old that you're not supposed to lift anything heavy … !

    OMG Jo I've never been tagged – eek ! And thank you

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