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Small moments of perfection

My favourite time of day is after the excitement (or trauma) of bathtime when Toddlergirl and I cuddle up for her to have her milk and to wind down to bedtime.

She lies stretched out along me, cushioned against my body, relaxed along my legs and utterly relaxed.
As she drinks her milk her eyes gradually start to close and her breathing slows and you can feel her start to move into the realm of sleep.
Once she finishes her bottle, its pushed to one side and she holds her arms out and moves herself around to cuddle into my shoulder. I then get my daily moment of perfection – a chance to cuddle my little girl, to smell her lovely clean baby smell, to wonder at the strength of her little body, to marvel at how she has grown up over the last 14 months, to wrap her in my arms and enjoy the miracle of her just being her.
I can think about how our lives have changed – two years ago she wasn’t yet conceived and yet here we are with lives so much changed and so much richer as a result of her being here with her. I can enjoy the simple happiness of unconditional love – it took me a long time to bond with her and to move past the mechanics of motherhood to a place where she just is the centre of that moment. I can dream about her future, out future lives together and the journey her life is going to be.
Its this little moment of time each night that reminds me of the good things about being a mother, that pushes all the hassles and havoc of our daily life to the background and reminds me of the really important thing in life – family, that rebalances me and centres me where I should be in my home with those I love around me.
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