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>And then there were none …

We are now chickenless. The Fox family stopped by for dinner on Saturday night and both Wonky and Little Hen were their main meal. All we have now are two piles of feathers and a chicken hut that we need to muck out.

I’m determined to find some new girls and keep up this chicken keeping thing – its given me incredible pleasure to have the girls around the place and to produce our own eggs. Mr MaMs pimping of the chicken hut has been an unqualified success and has meant that its all been very low maintenance (he added on a timer to open their door and a light sensitive switch to shut them in at night).

The big question now is what breed to go for – we previously had lovely white and black Light Sussex hybrids but now we can diversify. Is it time for Rhode Island Reds or something more exotic ?

Oh and on the plus side we’ve been able to put some more grass seed down and this time it won’t get all eaten / scratched over the place so we might end up with a slightly less bald patch in the middle of the side garden !

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2 comments to >And then there were none …

  • magnumlady

    >Oh poor you. We had the same happen to our chickens (Paxo and Stuffing)….you can imagine the look on the farmer nextdoors face when I was running around the field shouting for Stuffing!
    Good luck with the new hens.

  • Muddling Along Mummy

    >magnumlady those are great chicken names ! We've found out that the local chicken place has point of lay Rhode Island Red / Light Sussex hens so are restocking at the weekend.

    Might have to borrow your names – they're great (but I do rather fancy calling one Funky …)

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