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>Update on those mid year resolutions

>Well how have I done on them ? Not too badly considering all else that has been going on and a week confined to the house and bed

Hang up my clothes when I take them off / put them in the washing rather than collect a pile in the corner that I need to deal with at a later date

Sort of getting there on this – still need to deal with the backlog pile of things needing sorting in the corner of the bedroom but that’s on the list to deal with this afternoon

Try and smile at a stranger every day

Working on this one – bit hard when confined to bed but I’m making a concerted effort to be a bit nicer to those I bump into

Do my nails / toenails once a week – pretty toenails are the route to much happiness

Toes still pretty – hands not too bad – happy

Get back into menu planning

Making more progress here and seem to be wasting a bit less food (and eating less rubbish which has to be a good thing)

Walk more – ideally to or from the train station rather than getting the tube two stops

Um not really done anything on this … meant to but bad weather, being at home and all the baby stuff rather undermined this – on my list to have a focus on going forward

Right, ToddlerGirl is trying to see if she can post this early so I’d better go off and read Dear Zoo …

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2 comments to >Update on those mid year resolutions

  • Brit in Bosnia / Fraught Mummy

    >You have resolutions! Wow. Mine are to get through the day in one piece and trying not to shout too much! And whats more you have pretty hands and nails. So jealous….

  • Muddling Along Mummy

    >Its more an attempt to get a few loose ends around my life so I feel less out of control – you probably haven't seen the state of our kitchen recently, the piles of paper are threatening to take over the place

    Still I firmly believe that toenail polish is the key to inner peace (and I've found a place around the corner from the office that does a quick file and paint on a Friday afternoon that I can go missing to !)

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