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>Things I never realised I’d taken for granted

>Its strange how your life changes when you become a Mum – I never realised that I’d taken for granted little things like

– being able to go to toilet on your own, with the door shut, without having to explain EXACTLY what you are doing

– being able to have a bath in peace and quiet, preferably with a glass of white wine, instead of having various bath toys thrown at you (why did the splosh game seem like a good idea at the time ?), having to play peek-a-boo over the side of the bath or trying and grab a book with your teeth before it lands in the water whilst you’re distracted washing your hair

– being able to eat a meal without someone pointing their imperious chubby finger at your plate and demanding to eat your portion rather than own identical one

– being able to eat in public without having to field items of food being dropped / thrown from the high chair (was anyone else surprised by the aerodynamic properties of scrambled egg or was it just me ?)

– being able to drive any distance without having to resort to playing I Spy, singing action songs (and doing all the actions) or trying to bribe good behaviour with a box of raisins (and yes I don’t always open the box – that buys me another good 5 minutes of peace !)

– being able to type on the laptop without someone insisting on sitting on your lap and then seeing what happens when they hit various keys

Still wouldn’t change back but my how life has moved on in the last 14 months !

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4 comments to >Things I never realised I’d taken for granted

  • siobhan

    >Could have written this myself, especially the bathroom bits. Who'd have thought something so mundane like taking a dump would start to seem like such a luxury. No element of feminine grooming is a mystery to my nearly 3 year old.

  • The wife of bold

    >Funny post – i completely agree with all your points, i am in the habit of going to the upstairs loo just to have two minutes peace – they still yell up the stairs to me though throughout, but at least i don't have then standing and staring in front of me!

  • cafebebe4u

    >I agree wholeheartedly…I do miss soaks in the bath with a magazine or a book. I miss reading altogether, really. But it doesn't matter a bit when I look at my gorgeous Little Miss. Great post. Best of luck getting time to wee by yourself!

  • Muddling Along Mummy

    >I find its not just the total lack of privacy but also the need to give a constant running commentary 'yes darling, Mummy is now ….' LOL

    This week's latest development is that Toddlergirl has taken to standing between my legs and peering into the loo – most disconcerting !

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