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So that shows you female intuition doesn’t work …

>It turns out that Thing2 is a female thing which is absolutely wonderful (and without such a graphic look at the girl bits this time which I think Mr MaM found a relief LOL) but I have to say that I was utterly convinced that she was a he

Don’t think that Mr MaM has looked past the wonder of having two little girls thinking that he is the centre of the known universe to the teenage years but we’ll deal with that in a decade or so. Please don’t disabuse us of this timeframe – its suddenly hit me that at 19 month age gap means that Toddlergirl is still going to be terribly tiny

Just goes to show you that my female intuition isn’t up to much … at all really !

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2 comments to So that shows you female intuition doesn’t work …

  • Brit in Bosnia / Fraught Mummy

    >Mine are 19 months apart too, but two boys. I like having two of the same sex, think it works well. 19 months is close, but I reckon that it works well in the end.

    Sorry to hear about your irritable uterus. Guess you can't do things like feed it coffee, ensure it has a nap or give it chocolate which are my failsafes for when I'm irritable. But I'm intrigued by Kazakhstan. What were you going to be doing there?

    Hope you are feeling better.

    ps – love the name of your blog, feels like exactly what I do!

  • Muddling Along Mummy

    >Hi fraught mum – thanks for your lovely comments

    Kazakhstan is for a deal I'm working on (mostly working on getting out of if the truth be known !) – not quite sure why we need to do all this work in 'interesting' locations but it does make life more exciting LOL

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