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Pink stinks !

>A friend has pointed me in the direction of the wonderful campaign that is Pink Stinks aimed at mitigating the tsunami of pink and its associations that threatens to swamp our daughters’ lives

This need for real role models for girls that aren’t drawn from the media perception of celebrity is one of the reasons that I come back to when I consider stepping away from my career – I want my daughter to look at me and realise that women can succeed at the top levels in business through using their brains and abilities and not by flashing the flesh and claiming a transitory 15 minutes of fame

I’ve recently been reduced to gibbering, inarticulate rage by the clothing ranges for toddlers available in John Lewis – girls in pink and pastels with pictures of flowers, fairies and princesses whilst the boys get dinosaurs, policemen, trains, planes and cars. Why do girls have to aspire to only being passive princesses rescued by the heros, why can’t they be the rescuer, the hero ?

My pledge to my daughter is to bring her up to know the history of strong women competing equally with men and together conquering the world – the likes of Elizabeth I, Florence Nightingale, the Pankhurt sisters and Jane Austen. Women’s success isn’t a new phenomenon but something that has been carved out through history – why aren’t our daughters learning this rather than being shown that the route to success is a tango-orange tan and nail extensions ?

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4 comments to Pink stinks !

  • The wife of bold

    >I couldn’t agree with you more – great post. Being the mum to four girls it really worries me that the whole world seems to bombard them with images of gobby, pampered, diva princess plastered in fake nails, tan, hair extensions and make up! Don’t even get me started on thongs for 5 year olds – who are these vile people who come up with these ideas?

  • funkyhan

    >I have to agree. It drives me mad when I’m trying to buy clothes for my 2yo. In fact I often rebel and put her in “little boy” clothes.

  • zooarchaeologist

    >I have to admit, im guilty of buying the pink fairy stuff, its because ive also got a little boy and its a relief.
    I think the important thing is to subject your child to a range of different role models and so on, and then point out the silly ones. If your child is brainy then i think they will use their brains and realise that they can succeed without the fake tans etc. Its the silly ones that need and want to follow the Jordan route…

  • Muddling Along Mummy

    >I think there’s a big difference between buying pink and buying into the superficial pink-ness that girldom is portrayed as so much now

    Part of it is the next generation of feminism – I embrace equality of choices for the sexs but I also want the right to support in my choices AND the right to be able to dress nicely ! Feminism needs to move on from the perception of a bunch of badly dressed women bitching about men and move onto helping women in the choices they have to make

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