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>Why is gardening so satisfying ?

>We’ve just had a wonderfully busy but yet incredibly satisfying weekend getting lots of jobs completed in our garden. Admittedly there is still an enormous amount to do but discernable progress is being made.

I can’t work out why a day spent in the garden is so satisfying – you end up covered in mud and grass, with grime embedded under your fingers and aching muscles and yet the progress in removing weeds from yet another overgrown area seems far more fulfilling than house tidying. A small part of it has to be enjoying the fact that ToddlerGirl has embraced the outdoors and spent hours crawling around the lawn, trying to eat the gravel and waving a trowel around.

Our veggie patch is finally taking shape and giving me incredible pleasure – the potatoes are coming up, the brocolli beginning to grow and various beans starting to sprout. Am I strange to take such disproportionate pleasure in growing my own veg ? I’m not convinced of the economic benefits but the pleasures for the soul are immense.

Oh, needless to say, this rural idyll has the slight issue that not one but two of my hens have decided to go broody …

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