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>Its a baby, not a problem / complication / [insert idiot comment here]

>I am utterly sick to the back teeth of having to make out that Thing2 is some kind of complication / problem / issue rather than the much wanted, already much loved and a baby that we tried for 5 months to conceive

Yes, I accept that for busines reasons having me go on maternity leave again is not exactly ideal but I think most people will agree that I covered it well, was barely out for three months in total before coming back in part and that I have worked incredibly hard since then

Why can’t people look past the immediate issues (I mean can we really not contingency plan to have someone else available for a meeting on 5th November that I’ve just told you I can’t make, obviously given its a fortnight after my due date) and see that accepting this as a minor blip in the greater scheme of things will strengthen my loyalty to the firm, mean I continue to work hard and earn them fees and help their diversity stats (which quite frankly are pants)

Surely they realise that women who want to work and who are motivated to return to work despite all the difficulties they face doing so are great employees – we’re less likely to move job (where is the time to interview ?), willing to work incredibly hard and in a more focused way than our colleagues (no lunchtime trip to the gym, no long coffee breaks, I need to be out of the door at 6.12pm) and will enthuse about a good employer (yes you friends with good employers, I know you have them and I’m not jealous one jot … oh no …)

Rant over – I’m off to find chocolate to salve the wounds of another day at the coal face

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1 comment to >Its a baby, not a problem / complication / [insert idiot comment here]

  • amy

    >my employer was a pain in the bottom and it made life very hard, once i had a complaint against me because i wasn’t working as fast as my other colleagues (i was 8months pregnant and huge!) I told them where to shove their comments lol! hope it gets better for you x

    p.s just saw that you commented on one of my posts in april (very grateful!) and i have just seen it,sorry for not replying 🙂

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