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>It never rains but it pours …

>What a week … I really can’t wait for it to be over

My boss resigned leaving me to deal with the fall out from his departure. So I have had a wonderful week trying to get up to speed on all his mandates and nicely tell people that he has moved on. I’ve also had to deal with the political machinations of my colleagues desperate to absorb my little team and our larger revenue pipeline whilst not actually caring an iota for the actual people in it.

I don’t mind working hard, I don’t mind providing pastoral care for my team, I don’t mind taking additional responsibility. What I do mind is that this is done in the context of knowing that they don’t really care about retaining me, perceive my baby and pregnancy as an unfortunate hassle that makes me less of a prospect irrespective of my specialist knowledge (I’m now the only person here with this experience – you’d think they’d want to nurture that, you’d be wrong)

I am exhausted – I’ve had enough, I’m tired of this being perceived as my fault, of having a week next week where worst case scenario I travel away for three days – that’s three bedtimes that I’ll miss

Oh but at least I’m starting to feel less sick, at least I was until I started to feel all stressed by this and now I’m feeling horribly sick again …

Is it nearly the weekend yet ?

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