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Thoughts on home birth

How fabulous that the Times has managed to find a wonderful rebuttal to the awful article about home births that I wrote about last week

Peter Duncan has, far more eloquently than I did, rebutted Melanie Reid’s claims that women who want home births are spoilt and complacent with a beautiful account of how home births were perfect for him and his family

What I particularly like is his last paragraph

When I think back to the moment my grown children entered the world just feet from where I’m sitting yet more tears drip into my keyboard. I think about how those first few moments together has affected everything that has happened since.

this perfectly articulates what we feel – that B’s life has been very much impacted by the calm, contented nature of her arrival.

I just hope that these articles create a meaningful debate and raise awareness that home birth can be for a normal family and that more couples will consider this option and give themselves the opportunity to experience a different type of birth.

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2 comments to Thoughts on home birth

  • Maternal Tales

    >Just thought I’d pop by and say hello. Interesting post. I could never imagine opting for a home birth for a first child because I knew that so many things could go wrong and felt it was best to be as close to medical care as possible. My first birth was so hideous that for the whole 9 months of my second pregnancy I was petrified. But my second birth (again in hospital) was so much quicker and more relaxed. If only my second birth had come first I might well have opted for a home birth for the second. I definitely applaud women who opt for it. To me it’s very brave.

  • Muddling Along Mummy

    >You see MT, I come at it from the other angle -to me having a baby in hospital is very brave.

    So many of my friends had intervention escalations that I was looking for an alternative.

    Have you read this great article about homebirths – it really articulates what I feel )

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