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Remind me why having the garden dug up in April seemed like a good idea …

>April is the wetest month of the year so there must have been a good reason why we agreed to have the major garden works start yesterday. I mean we must have thought this through and decided not to wait until May for a Good Reason now lost in time

Anyway, the shed and smelly summer house are no more, we have an enormous bonfire smoldering in the middle of the lawn (again there must be a Good Reason why they didn’t decide to set fire to everything on say the scraggy bit of grass rather than the one bit of nice lawn we had) and the chickens can’t decide if this is an opportunity for a worm feast or deeply disturbing enough to persuade them not to lay for a few days

Naturally we have been told that this will all be transformed from a scene out of the battle of the Somme into something fabulous in two weeks … watch this space, you never know it might happen and it might not rain today either

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