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The extra hour when you should be asleep…

…but instead you are sat up, achieving not actually a lot but just enjoying the fact that the last hour of the day is the only time when there aren’t other demands on you

Actually that’s not technically true – I’m sat here tying raffia ribbons (actually is it a ribbon or just twine or what?) around little plastic bags with number 8 cookies in for Bigger to take into school for her almost birthday and I’m fretting about how to get everything packed up and into the car before the we head off for Easter and to still make it into work on time

Coming back on the cookies just a word of advice, be VERY careful what sort of family traditions you set up mostly because the whole baking in the middle of the night after work thing and then burning the blasted things and having to start over isn’t a whole lot of fun several years and multiple birthdays down the line…  obviously done with love etc and something I want to do because I know it makes them super happy but…

But anyway here I am tying pretty stuff around plastic bags of home baked goods whilst watching Orange is the New Black.  Is that sort of inappropriate?  Possibly but hey it is what it is

My brain is fried – I should be sorting out the sleeves on the cardigan I am knitting (when I say I am knitting I mean I was knitting, I haven’t so much recently… brain fried) or starting the birthday hat I am supposed to be doing for Bigger’s birthday, you know the birthday that is in about 36 hours…

Back to writing lists and ignoring the clock


Time to treat parents as adults when we talk about bed sharing?


I read an article this morning where yet another mother admitted that she had been able to speak frankly to her health visitor and GP about the realities of her and specifically that she was bed sharing with her baby. It turns out that half of parents who bed share have lied to their […]

5 lovely things – 5 articles to read this week

5 lovely little things badge by Muddling Along


Hello all – it is Friday (TGI Friday) and time to grab a cup of something and a bit of cake and have 15 minutes off – this week I have 5 articles that you really should read that I’ve encountered on my journey around the internet


Finding meaning in your job


More excuses


Sorry sorry sorry – I know I was supposed to be writing more but life managed to get in the way again

Long story short (and there is quite a long story but more on that another time) just before Christmas I stumbled over the opportunity to switch to a slightly different job for […]

5 lovely things – the one where we are still waiting for Spring

5 lovely little things badge by Muddling Along



Hello!  It’s Friday elevenses time and here’s a 5 lovely things I’ve tripped over on my journeys around the internet this last week

Grab a cuppa and get stuck in!


One to read

I’ve just discovered Daddy and Harry books (am I the last to know about these guys?) – not […]

Splat the rat (or the reality of life with 3 children)


I love our life – I love the chaos, the noise, the sheer full-on-ness (is that a word?) of our family – but oh my is the step up from two children to three children something else

One of my university friends congratulated me on the arrival of number 3 and warned me that […]

Bereft (or the night that Littlest slept a bit)


This is really strange but tonight Littlest has gone to sleep on his own in his own bed

It is fair to say that this is the FIRST TIME THIS HAS HAPPENED in the 2 years he has been around

Normal bedtime involves a bunch of singing, cuddling, nursing and a lot of long […]

5 lovely things – cold and bright

5 lovely little things badge by Muddling Along


It’s cold today and I’m curled up in my bed working – I’ve a work presentation that is refusing to write itself and I need the quiet of home rather than the clamour of the office on a Friday.  As a plus it is lunchtime and I’m still in my PJs… and by […]

Time off for good behaviour?



We’re back from a long weekend away – a few days off from the daily grind and some time together as a family

We’ve watched plenty of rugby, spent time on stomps around the headland and lots and lots of time on the motorway there and back

The sun shone, the views were […]

5 lovely things – back by popular demand

5 lovely little things badge by Muddling Along


Some time ago I used to post up a few links that I’d tripped over on my travels around the internet on a Friday at coffee break time and called it 5 lovely things – I sort of fell out of doing it but one of my lovely blogging friends (Hi Denise!) asked […]

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