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Back to school – routine chart printable

Routine chart printable Oh the joys of back to school, the delights of trying to get all children out of the house in time and then to get them to do reading and homework without endless battles

After a lovely long summer, back to school has been a shock for us, but we’re trying something new – instead of endless nagging I’ve drawn up a routine chart for the girls to follow

For each thing we need to do every day (and a few things that only happen weekly) there’s a little square – I’ve printed them out, laminated them to give them a bit of a chance of survival and stuck them onto one of the chalk boards in the kitchen

Every day they move a task down when they’ve done it and if everything is moved they get TV

We’re not quite at the stage of being enthusiastic about spellings or music practice but perhaps there is a bit less nagging in our lives?

Who knows but at least it helps me remember what needs doing

If you want to download a copy of my scribbles – here’s a link to the routine chart we use

If only we could all cancel our engagements when we get HG



I’m slightly torn by the announcement by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge that they are expecting a second baby and that the Duchess is suffering from hyperemesis gravidarum (HG) again

On one side it is great that more people learn about this horrid, debilitating problem that hits a significant number of women in pregnancy

On [...]

10 years on

10 years married


Last week was our 10th wedding anniversary

This post should be about how wonderful it is to have been married and to look back on those years and the memories they contain

The trouble is that it doesn’t feel like there is all that much to celebrate – it feels as if our [...]

Back from summer hols

summer 2014


And so I’m back from my summer hols.  I didn’t consciously decide to have an offline summer, it sort of just happened – admittedly it was helped by frustratingly slow internet and no mobile phone coverage – after a few days of trying hard to stay in touch I gradually found myself reaching for [...]

7000 breastfeeds and me

7000 breastfeeds and me


Give or take a few over 3 babies I’ve clocked up 7000 breastfeeds

My poor saggy boobs have nurtured 3 babies and piled on over 15 kilos worth of deliciously chunky thighs and Buddha bellies onto my children

And yet nobody has given them a prize or even said well done to them – [...]

Parental separation anxiety

return to work diary


According to all the parenting books sometime around 7 months babies start to realise that they aren’t actually physically part of you and that you can walk away and leave them.  Their separation anxiety suddenly kicks in and even stepping around the corner for a second has the same high level panic as [...]

Summer holiday bored jar printable

summer holiday bored jar


Summer holidays – long sunny days full of fun and happiness with none of the dull restrictions of school runs and school rules or long days full of small children telling you how bored they are?

With eight (8!!!) whole weeks of summer ahead and having moved from man marking to zonal defence [...]

Time flies

July 2014


I don’t know where the weeks go – I seem to still be rushing around and yet still not actually feeling as if I am managing to do much

Weekends pass especially quickly – too quickly

Time is mostly taken up with a chubby baby, trying to keep ontop of the washing mountain, trying [...]

Back to work diaries – 5 weeks done

return to work diary


Before I came back someone told me that week three would be the worst week – looking back from the lofty position of 5 weeks back to work I think I have to agree

The third week was not a good week – I got tired, I got properly poorly and had to come home from work [...]

The Year of Doom continues


I was hoping that our Year Of Doom was over, that we had had enough go wrong and whoever we had offended in the universe had taken their eye off us and moved onto creating chaos in someone else’s life

Apparently I was wrong

I think we’re up to 4 (or possibly 5) in [...]

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