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Is it impossible for men to really understand sexism?

A link to a recent Guardian article about the everyday sexism professional women face popped up on my Facebook timeline today – it’s a good article and sadly most of the examples are ones I can entirely relate to

Predictably a chap had commented on the link saying that these aren’t really examples of sexism and anyway it’s just because women are going into traditionally male industries and understandably it is taking the men a little while to get used to having the lovely ladies around…

After I had stopped fuming, it struck me that perhaps it is impossible for men to understand about sexism

Yes there are a few men out there struggling to make their way in traditionally female dominated industries but for the majority of men the world they live in is a mainly male one – sexism is not something that they directly encounter in their lives

Plenty of them must have to deal with the fall out from what happens to the women in their lives but it is one thing to hear about your wife being asked to make the tea for the team despite being the most experienced team member, to hear about clients assuming that the 20-something man must be the team leader rather than the sole lady, to hear about yet another evening of ‘banter’ comparing the PA’s boob sizes and quite another to have actually had to deal with that sort of thing on a daily basis

So not only do we have women struggling to find equality in the workplace but also to find the men in their lives being able to understand

I guess from the male standpoint each little act of sexism doesn’t sound like a great deal – after all what is the odd misunderstanding, slight, feeling of being excluded?

The trouble is that for most women there is a drip drip drip effect – water will eventually make holes in rock – in the same way I see women leaving my male dominated industry because there comes a point when you just are sick of it all

I don’t know what the answer is

I just really really wish I did – I wish I could make the average man understand why this is an issue, why it does upset us and why, if only one woman is pushed out of a job, it is a big bloody deal


A friend sent me a link to this film which switches gender in a really powerful way – what do you think?  Required watching for men or something that continues the chasm of un-understanding?

Not entirely sure where the last week went?


Last time I checked it was last week – some time around the middle of it, plenty of time before the end of term, Bigger’s birthday and so on

This morning I checked again and time appears to have sped forward

It keeps doing that – days can seem incredibly long but then suddenly [...]

Babies are the best waste of time


Unless someone has sneakily gone and stolen a few hours from out of the day and I reckon even in my current distracted state I might have picked up on it, probably, even if a few days after the rest of the world, my productivity levels have totally plummeted since the arrival of Littlest


Please send a vat of coffee



Littlest is doing a growth spurt – well either he’s doing that or he has decided to revert to the newborn days for no real reason

Over the last two days he has been like clockwork wanting feeding every other hour – it has been EXHAUSTING but I’m hoping it will pass soon


I just googled


When we first were told that Littlest’s birthmark was ‘rather extensive’ I didn’t go onto google

Why would I?

Afterall Dr Google only ever tells you that you have something horrible or are about to die so there really isn’t much point

I managed to go through our difficult pregnancy with Littler without ever [...]

100 days of making the most of life


This post was supposed to be written before half term because from the start of half term it was 100 days until I go back to work full time (I’m trying to ignore the whole odd day a week after Easter thing – just call me Mrs Ostrich…)

So the title isn’t quite right [...]

Case closed…


The last six weeks have been rather difficult – that is to say in places absolutely gut churningly terrible and unremittingly awful but the good news is that things are, in some respects, now starting to look up

I can’t go into all the details because not everything has played out yet but I [...]

Restoring equilibrium


Aaaaaaannnnnnnnnd relax

This last week included an unexpected enforced break from technology thanks to the storms knocking out all forms of communication other than carrier pigeon (and I hadn’t remembered to pack any of those, had remembered most other things just not the emergency carrier pigeons…)

My focus has been on getting back some [...]

Embracing the velcro baby


It’s funny how the drip drip drip of popular opinion can begin to wear you and your best intentions down

It’s also strange how I seem to have completely wiped the newborn days with the girls from my memory – I can vaguely remember how we did things but the detail is all rather [...]



The newborn days have a hazy quality even when things are going well – probably something to do with settling back into a world of sleep deprivation and getting used to a life lived in 2 and a bit hour segments

Add in an overlay of stress and nastiness and things begin to feel [...]

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