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Snippets from an offline summer

Blink and suddenly we have shifted from July to September – from the possibilities of a long summer to the frantic sorting of back to school

I’ve been offline more over the summer – taking advantage of some unpaid time off work to focus on family and to step away from as much as we could – to step away from the pressures of work, the worries about Littlest and the pressures of the school year

It has been lovely – hard work in the way that self catering holidays tend to be but with the benefit that I am getting better at stage managing the food / cleaning / entertaining required for the visiting masses – we have made new friends, spent time with old friends and embraced a slower life with much more sand in it

It feels strange to be back home – the garden is over run (thank you excessive amounts of rainfall), the grass nearly knee height and the back to school list is still a list rather than any completed activities

We’ve had time to come to terms with the output of Littlest’s MRI – it’s worse than we had hoped but not as bad as it could be – and to get ourselves ready to start pushing hard for him to have help walking

And so here we are, starting September – this week is all about the backlog of emails, grabbing back hold of home life, settling into our new routine and removing sand from all the places it is hiding

summer 2015

Opening Pandora’s box


Tomorrow is a strange day – tomorrow Littlest is going into hospital to have his first MRI

Part of me is desperate for us to have this scan and to find out exactly what is going on under the skin – to get a better idea of what is going on, to perhaps have […]

Littlest at 18 months


It is really strange how it feels both that Littlest has been here forever and as if the last 18 months have disappeared in a flash but here we are a year and a half on from his arrival

Over the last few months he has suddenly grown up and become a little boy […]

All change


I’m not good with change and really not very good with not having everything sorted out around me and settled – at the moment I’m stuck in a vortex of change and it makes me feel on edge

EVERYTHING is changing

I’ve started a 6 month secondment at work – a new team which […]

So much going on


There’s so much going on here – I need more hours, more time, less to do and despite all my best intentions, writing is still very much a stop / start thing around here

I really just need more time – work is crazy busy again which is good but does mean I feel […]

Fertility isn’t just another problem for women to solve


Another day, another stick to beat up women – today’s is that we all need to be procreating before 30 in order to avoid a ‘fertility time bomb’ or at least that’s the view of a senior NHS doctor – that we have a fertility problem and women need to solve it

Consultant gynaecologist Professor […]

My breasts aren’t judging you

BF pics


Apparently by posting breastfeeding pictures I have been judging those parents who aren’t breastfeeding – really?

My breasts can do several things but can they really judge you?

Are pictures of my saggy boobs and my chubby little boy that powerful?

Do they really leap out there into the cyber-world and shout abuse at […]

Yes he does have a lovely personality…


One of the things on my to do list is to find a way to be able to settle on a few phrases to quickly explain what is going on with Littlest – I either brush things off with ‘oh he has a bit of a thing with his leg’ or jump into ‘he […]

The background & why I stopped blogging – part 2


You can read the first part of this story here – it covers Littlest’s birth and what we believe were the triggers for Midwife One making an unfounded and malicious referral to social services about us – this part covers the aftermath, the long long fight we had to get an apology and a […]

The background & why I stopped blogging – part 1


It is hard to know where to start really if I’m going to go back and explain all the things that have happened, to explain the background actions that have sapped my voice and my ability to write

The wrong approach is probably to just jump in but in the absence of a better plan […]

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