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7000 breastfeeds and me

7000 breastfeeds and me Give or take a few over 3 babies I’ve clocked up 7000 breastfeeds

My poor saggy boobs have nurtured 3 babies and piled on over 15 kilos worth of deliciously chunky thighs and Buddha bellies onto my children

And yet nobody has given them a prize or even said well done to them – it’s just what my boobs and I do

I never set out to breastfeed for more than 6 months (there was something beguiling about being part of that small percentage of mothers still exclusively nursing at 6 months and I may be a teeny bit competitive) but I’ve managed much more than that with each of them

With each of them breastfeeding has been different – with each of them it was horribly hard to start with and then gradually settled down, with each of them I’ve pumped (and pumped and pumped)  and then there have been moments when it has been blissful

There have been times when it has felt absolutely perfect to be cuddled up together, swamped by hormones and physical connection and there have been times when it has been like wrestling a small octopus who seems to be determined to find out how far a nipple can stretch whilst twiddling your other nipple with a free hand

With Bigger breastfeeding helped us cope with me going back to work and gave us time together in the evenings to snuggle together

With Littler breastfeeding was really important in dealing with her milk protein allergy

With Littlest breastfeeding feels like something I need to keep doing as long as I can – he’s got enough other issues that I want him to have my milk and the comfort that comes from being so close as long as I can

If I’d been given a pound every time someone told me I would have to stop because of work or their age or whatever I’d probably be able to retire… instead I have perfected my smile and ignore technique – whilst it works for Littlest and me I’ll carry on and, like we did before, when it doesn’t work for us both anymore my boobs will go away on holiday and forget to come home

There’s a small bit of me that is hoping that it isn’t for a while yet – it is hard work, I don’t like pumping but those sweet together moments are something to remember and to cherish and one good reason to keep going on for that little bit longer



The picture was taken on the beach this weekend – boobs incredibly portable and perfect for when your child surprises himself by realising that you go MUCH faster when you roll downhill and that he doesn’t really like it


It’s world breastfeeding week this week and this post comes with a round of applause for every breastfeeding mother and her boobs

Parental separation anxiety

return to work diary


According to all the parenting books sometime around 7 months babies start to realise that they aren’t actually physically part of you and that you can walk away and leave them.  Their separation anxiety suddenly kicks in and even stepping around the corner for a second has the same high level panic as [...]

Summer holiday bored jar printable

summer holiday bored jar


Summer holidays – long sunny days full of fun and happiness with none of the dull restrictions of school runs and school rules or long days full of small children telling you how bored they are?

With eight (8!!!) whole weeks of summer ahead and having moved from man marking to zonal defence [...]

Time flies

July 2014


I don’t know where the weeks go – I seem to still be rushing around and yet still not actually feeling as if I am managing to do much

Weekends pass especially quickly – too quickly

Time is mostly taken up with a chubby baby, trying to keep ontop of the washing mountain, trying [...]

Back to work diaries – 5 weeks done

return to work diary


Before I came back someone told me that week three would be the worst week – looking back from the lofty position of 5 weeks back to work I think I have to agree

The third week was not a good week – I got tired, I got properly poorly and had to come home from work [...]

The Year of Doom continues


I was hoping that our Year Of Doom was over, that we had had enough go wrong and whoever we had offended in the universe had taken their eye off us and moved onto creating chaos in someone else’s life

Apparently I was wrong

I think we’re up to 4 (or possibly 5) in [...]

Parenthood in lists – things to do whilst stuck under a feeding baby

Lists thumbnail


1.       Check email

2.       Check facebook

3.       Check twitter

4.       Check facebook

5.       Check twitter

6.       Try and come up with a 7 letter word in your words with friends game

7.       Give up trying and open scrabble cheat

8.       Go back to words with friends because you can’t remember your letters

9.       [...]

Life feels as if it is on fast forward


One minute ago I had only 1 tiny baby, now I have 3 children and none of them is a tiny baby anymore

Suddenly, almost without my noticing, time has zipped away and taken with it moments that I wish I could somehow have banked to have in 10 / 20 / 30 [...]

Fake it until you can make it?

return to work diary


Ah the heady delights of another Monday having rolled around and the prospect of another week at work to look forward to

Another week of commuting and the realisation that you need to be at the top of your game to get a seat these days – getting slightly the wrong patch on [...]

Having it all means learning to fail



I find it strange when people call me a wonder woman or say I have it all – I guess that looking in on our lives from the outside you could be mistaken from thinking I’m managing to juggle family and work and to have it all

Being brutally honest that’s an illusion


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